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 Work Permits  
We help with all work permit applications. Renewal of work permit, Open work permits. Spousal work permits. Refugee work permit. Student work permit. Bridging work permit. 
 Student Visas 
We plan your student visa from when you decide to study until you start your first semester. We will find you the program you dream to study. Apply for the visa and all you need to do is to buy a ticket after getting approved. 
Investor Visa, Entrepreneur Visa & Start- up Visa 
We are specialized in Investor visas for investors who are willing to invest in Canada. Entrepreneurs also depend on us to come to Canada and start their companies or move their established companies from oversees to Canada. We also have helped a lot of Startups to come to Canada. 
Permanent Resident 
It can be frustrating and confusing to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. We will take care of all the process and find the best program for you. 
 Family Sponsorship 
Sponsor your family members. Parents, Spouse, Kids and Common law partner and spouse \ partners. 
We have a long experience with family sponsorship applications. 
 Express Entry 
It is one of our specialties. We know the express entry inside out. Hundreds got approved through us. We will make sure your application is submitted correctly and completely.
Labor Market Impact Assessment is one of the biggest challenges that a company can face. Due to the complicated nature of the market impact assessment. You need to find the right people who did it hundreds of times to do it for you. Mistakes can cost a lot 
Federal & Provincial programs.  
the federal government and all provinces open immigration programs for immigrants based on their need for specific trades or degrees. We can also help you with that.
Visitor Visa
We apply for all kinds of visitor visas to Canada. Family visits and super visas. 
Translation & Notarization
We also do Translation services, Notarization services and Certification by Commissioners of Oaths. You can finish all your work in one place 
 Citizenship Application 
We share those beautiful moments with you. We'll make sure that your package is ready and that its 100% correct before you apply. All you need to do is to start thinking what to wear in the day of your ceremony. 
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